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Previous Shows & Events

*Benefit concert for Cystic Fibrosis @TheFireHouseBrewery 10/26/2018

*Greater Cincinnati Band Challenge (Round 1) @TheBlueNote 1/5/2019

*Local Show @SouthGateHouse 1/10/2019

*Frozen Fest @TheThompsonHouse 1/26/2019

*Greater Cincinnati Band Challenge (Round 2) @TheBlueNote 2/1/2019

*W/ National Act Saliva @ @TheBlueNote 3/1/2019

*Greater Cincinnati Band Challenge (Semi-Finals) @TheBlueNote 3/22/2019

*Local Show @TheMadFrog 4/7/2019

*Greater Cinci Band Challenge (Finals Finished 5th/52 bands) @TheBlueNote 3/22/2019

*W/ National Act Rehab @TheBlueNote 5/3/2019

*W/ National Act Wayland @TheBlueNote 5/22/2019

*Adams County Band Challenge 6/12/2019

*Greater Cincinnati (Showcase) @Fountian Square Downtown Cincinnati 8/30/2019

*The Fall Kick-Off @TheThompsonHouse 10/28/2019

*W/ National Act Lusus @NorthsideTavern 10/8/2019

*Hallowynne 9 @WynnePlace 10/18/2019

*LifeAfterThis EP Release @TheThompsonHouse 11/16/2019


*Local Rock Show @Legends Bar & Grill 1/11/2020

*Local Rock Show @Hank's Pub 2/1/2020

*W/ National Act TRAPT @OddBodys 2/28/2020

*W/ National Act Saliva @OddBodys 8/22/2020

*Community Cookout @LibertyPark 8/30/2020

*Skate/BMX-Comp 4 Presented by BoardWear Inc. 10/13/2020

*Local Rock Show @TheThompsonHouse 10/18/2020

*Ragnarok 2020 @TheSoundFarm 11/24/2020

“Take the time to read between the lines, the way you look at life defines everything" - Volume

*More show Dates to be announced.*

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